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Grace Lopez

Owala Freesip Water Bottle Stainless Steel 24oz, Black

Owala Freesip Water Bottle Stainless Steel 24oz, Black

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Bottles Made Exclusively for People Who Drink Water

Here at Owala . we're on a mission to help you “do more of what you love.” Do you know what we love—besides ice cream . dog Instagrams . and discovering it's Friday when you thought it was Thursday? Making your life easier. When we looked at other bottles on the market . we were pretty disappointed. The bottles we found were either overkill or underwhelming. And let's face it . life's hard enough… you don't want bottles that leak . break . are too heavy . or are just a general letdown.

That's where we come in. We've dedicated our lives to giving you the best insulated water bottle possible. Because you deserve something that supports you on every adventure—whether that's backpacking through Europe or trying to binge-watch an entire season in one day (color us impressed). One that can take the heat . keep you and your valuables out of the splash zone . and makes staying hydrated a total breeze. The FreeSip bottle is your sidekick in hydration and is ready to support you in every way. It also doesn't help that it has ridiculously good looks. (That we can't take credit for… it got it from its mama.)

Trust us when we say this is the only water bottle you'll ever need. Not convinced yet? Here's a list of its dazzling qualities. FREESIP: THE COOLEST WATER BOTTLE AROUND PATENTED FREESIP SPOUT

Decisions . decisions. Our revolutionary two-way straw lets you choose exactly how you want to drink. Feeling carefree? Sit back . relax . and take a sip through the straw. If swigging is more your style . tilt back that wide-mouthed opening and feel instantly refreshed. Whatever option you choose—you can't go wrong.


The FreeSip has some serious moves—like being ready to pop and lock at any given time. Just press the button on the lid and watch it spring into action. When you're done quenching your thirst . push to lock it down. With moves like these . the crowds will go wild.


Water bottles that leak? How embarrassing. Unlike other bottles . with the FreeSip you never have to worry about your backpack becoming a small lake or it looking like you wet your pants. Your water is finally safe and sound.


Keep calm and carry on. This handy loop is a comfy way to transport your bottle . especially if you've got your hands full. Just lift up to use and away you go.


Warm water is great… if you're taking a bath. For drinking . not so much. Our FreeSip bottles have triple-layer insulation to keep your water nice and cold (the way it should be). You could say it's way cooler than other insulated water bottles… and you wouldn't be wrong.


Function and fashion. FreeSip bottles come in a variety of funky colorways and are total headturners—if we do say so ourselves. Want to create your own colorway? Grab a couple bottles and switch out the tops.

Basically . the Owala FreeSip is the complete package—brains and beauty. You won't find another bottle better than this. (Pinky promise.)

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